top sketch by ilyone, line and color by fimyuan
bottom sketch by fimyuan, line and color by ilyone

Initially, Operation Protect Nico was just an idea to make defense squad badges for Nico di Angelo (we all know he needs it after all of the sad things he’s had to go through and the anticipation of what’s in store for him in BoO), but we looked at him and thought, “This boy needs to smile more.” So, this blog was created to be dedicated solely to Nico and happiness.

We’re looking for artwork, headcanons, or fics; anything uplifting! It can be as simple as a picture of him smiling. We’ll compile them all into this blog as a sort of safe haven where we can coddle him. 

Submission instructions are here. Please participate to support a happier Nico and make Operation Protect Nico a success!